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Zion Healing Center

We know first hand, the pain and suffering that comes from depression, anxiety, PTSD, trauma and mental health issues. Countless people in Southern California and throughout the world live this reality every day. We know that if you had the power to overcome these issues on your own, you would have already done it by now. We believe the true path to freedom is a spiritual one along with cutting edge medical technology.

Our program here in Rigby, Idaho combines cutting edge medical technology with the healing power of Spiritual principles as they relate to these life issues. In our experience, this combination has proven more effective in treating depression, anxiety, mental health issues and more.

Our program is very small, discrete, individualized and exclusive. All of our treatment programs are individualized for your specific needs. They include Transcranial Magnetic Stimulation (TMS), Neurofeedback, and support.

Within our program, you will find the healing power found in the beautiful landscape and serenity that surrounds you here in Idaho. While participating in our program, you are not considered a patient, but a “Student of Recovery” gaining the tools, education, and spiritual connection needed to conquer the issues in your life.

You create a life you love — with action!

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Meet our Team
Jeff & Jen McClure

After 25 years of commercial beekeeping Jeff and Jennifer McClure felt it was time to move from Tri-Cities WA to Rexburg Idaho. After looking into various opportunities they were thrilled to sign on with Zion Healing Center and open up this facility in Rigby Idaho. They are the parents of 5 wonderful kids and a great daughter and son in law. Jennifer’s passion has always been in helping others heal emotionally, physically and spiritually so opening up a mental health clinic with FDA equipment is the icing on the cake! Jeff currently teaches seminary part time and loves it.

This truly is a dream come true and we are excited to offer TMS and neurofeedback and other healing modalities for our local communities. Please stop by and see us.