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15 Promises to Freedom


  Part One  

Hi I'm Robert Beatty with the "How Free Do You Want to Be" eBook and video series.


Thank you for joining us, this is going to be a life-changing venture for you!


If you were diagnosed with a life-threatening disease today would you just accept the idea that you must live with the diagnosis or would you research and educate yourself get a second opinion and seek treatment? Would you seek a cure?

Well then why is addiction and mental illness any different and why would you believe that they're not curable?


Everyone's burdens in life are different. What's a life crisis for one person another one might call nothing at all. Others experience more trauma, anxiety, depression and suffering, health issues than anyone could ever imagine.


We all have our crosses to bear as they like to say and maybe what separates us is the weight and the size of it and how far up a hill we've gotta haul it.


Well these crosses involve mental illnesses of one type or another but these issues can be healed, in fact they can be cured.

You create a life you love — with action!


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