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15 Promises to Freedom


  Part Four  

Hi I'm Robert Beatty with the "How Free Do You Want to Be" eBook and video series.


This series includes my own personal story and the miracle of spiritual awakening that changed the way that I think and it saved my life.


I cured my addiction and mental illness.


This series will guide you through the same spiritual awakening that I had.

It will cause a psychic change within you and a change in the way that you think.


This video series will answer hard questions about a cure for addiction, alcoholism, anxiety, depression, and mental health issues.


This program is about to change your life!


I want to give you a brief history of myself before we begin.


I have personal knowledge of the pain suffering and destruction caused by addictions and mental illness.


I have my own story, a story of spiritual awakening, redemption, and a journey to full recovery from mental illness, from alcoholism, and addiction and we'll cover that later in this series.

You create a life you love — with action!


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