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15 Promises to Freedom


  Part Three  

Hi I'm Robert Beatty with the "How Free Do You Want to Be" eBook and video series.


This program answers the following questions:


Is there a cure for addiction?


Is there a cure for depression and anxiety?


Is there a cure for mental health disorders in general?


Does God exist?


Is there a higher power?


Do prayers get answered?


What does it take to have a spiritual awakening to create a psychic change or a change in the way that we think?

The steps found in this program can be used to overcome just about anything in your life once you understand them.


It's a simple, proven plan of action found within them and a promise that will set you free. Free from addiction, free from suffering, free from the struggles of your life.


When you complete the steps as they are outlined in this program, you’re going to find a few things, serenity, freedom, and peace as millions and millions of men and women before you have.


You’ll find a cure for the issues that you’ve been suffering from.

You create a life you love — with action!


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