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15 Promises to Freedom


  Part Two  

Hi I'm Robert Beatty with the "How Free Do You Want to Be" eBook and video series.


The truth is we're all addicted to something. It might not be alcohol or drugs, it could be sex, gambling, pornography, playing video games, working out, eating, shopping, hoarding, cleaning, even pain and suffering. Well that list goes on at infinitum.


In 1939, the first edition of alcoholics anonymous was published and the world started to learn about the success and the methods of what the authors of that book called the 12 steps. The 12 steps as they were written were hard to understand. They were confusing mostly because of the era in which they were written.


Back then, during the 1940's, the success rate of the 12-step program was around 85 percent or higher. All of the individuals who were introduced to these theories, found freedom from addiction or mental health disorders.


The program that you're about to go through with me, follows the teachings and the success of the authors of that program as it was written, with no additional interpretations or outside influences. Why? Because it works.

You create a life you love — with action!


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